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Be Happy Now! challenges its readers to identify thoughts, beliefs, and feelings that are not serving their greatest good and provides tools to help change self-defeating patterns. Using a concise and simplified approach Deborah Day, M.A., encourages readers to take responsibility for directing their own life in a more purposeful manner.

Empowerment, growth, and personal wellness are some of the essential aspects that Deborah Day, M.A. strives to help her readers achieve. Living as the active director of your life versus passively accepting what life brings to you is at the core of her teachings. You have the power to change and grow. This tool book is designed to help you achieve your highest good and live a more fulfilling life.

A praise for Be Happy Now!:

“Deborah definitely succeeds in conveying the concept of happiness in a realistic manner . . . not as an idealized end goal, but as a feeling state that requires attentiveness to self and others. Readers will find a simple yet powerful set of guidelines and strategies for self-improvement designed to facilitate living in a manner consistent with one’s values and priorities.”

—Steven P. Obrien, PsyD, Licensed Psychologist, Associate Professor of Psychology, and Mental Health Expert for Bay News 9, Tampa Bay’s Twenty-Four-Hour News Source